Can you spot the hidden panda? It’s harder than you think!

We’ve all done it, whether we’re five or 50 years old. You just can’t help it. You see it there, and you have to try it.

Those I Spy, Where’s Waldo, impossible hunting books that have driven us all crazy. But it’s like a sick addiction: we keep coming back for more.

That’s the reason behind the success of Hungarian artist Dudolf’s image. A picture of happy little snowmen huddle together in a blanket of white snow with dots of black coal. But then, a promise: there’s a panda in the mix.


At first, it seems like it would be easy to spot, right? I mean… it’s a panda.


But similar to their melty brethren, the panda is also black and white — making this task practically impossible.


Some comments complain that the whole image is a wild scam. A hoax for likes and shares by Dudolf. But sorry, haters, you just don’t have the magic eye. So where is this magical mystery panda?


See? He’s here! Snug as a bug, but probably a little chilly between all those freezing-cold snowmen.


So take another look, can you spot him?


While some complained they couldn’t find the creature, others varied in finding the panda between seconds to even minutes!


And there he is. Lost in the sea of pandas. Now go freak out your friends and pretend like you never even read this article.


Main and collage image via Facebook / Dudolf

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